New Premium Scottish Craft Gin Launched

A new premium, small-batch, hand crafted Scottish craft gin has been launched into the market. The new brand has claimed that their mix of botanicals truly represents the local area, as well as having an incredible flavour. They are also using one unusual botanical, wow! The brand is also linked with a place, which currently only has 3 other Scottish craft gins associated with it.

On top of this, the gins packaging, designed by a thriving marketing agency, is at least somewhat unique, incorporating avant garde, steampunk, and art deco design elements on the bottle. You can pick one up for the low price of £44.99 from your local bottle shop or village fête.

The new brand cannot confirm whether they are redistilling grain alcohol, or contracting out production entirely, to quickly get onboard what has been described as a “gravy train”. Despite this, the brand has assured us that they have hand-crafted this gin purely because of a pure, unmitigated passion for the category which suddenly flourished when the market grew substantially.

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